Want to have a rad photoshoot? Going to a themed party? Just want to dress up with your friends? Our rental program might be right for you! 

We have an amazing collection of vintage clothing ranging from the 50's to 90's with an emphasis on 60's and 70's which can be perfect for photoshoots, parties or just a rainy day! 


1. Contact us OURstore by emailing us at, DM us on instagram @ourstorevintage or come on down to the shoppe!

2. Let us know what event you would like to rent for and when/how long you'll need the pieces for. (See below for time range)

3. Set up a date to come pull from the store. 

4. We will document each piece and its condition before pick up. You will be expected to drop off each item in the condition you received it. 

5. Get wild! Use the clothes how you please! Tag us in any photos/videos you post! 


For our rentals we charge 20% of the total cost each day rented. Ex: A dress priced at $100 retail you will be able to rent for $20 per day.


Our standard time frame for rentals is maximum 3-5 days. This includes the pull date and return date. (If you feel you need longer then a week let us know and we can work with you!) 


Treat the clothing as if it were your own. We expect all of the clothing rented to return in the same condition it was loaned in. We will document each piece and note any flaws on the pull date. You will be charged the full price of the item if there are any damages. We will put a credit card on file at the time of pick up.


We want you to have fun with our clothes so have the best time!  Just make sure you tag us in any photos or videos- We love to see what y'all create!